River – Council Member/Dux

Rivers Interview Dux 7_11_15

One of the very first things I said to River was this,”I am not going to like you.”

Now, River and I can laugh about that. River has come to be like a big brother to me. I talk to him about a lot of things not just clan or secondlife but life in general. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. He is a lot like Loki, they both can think objectively which is sometimes the guidance I need as I tend to think with my heart.

I thought and thought about what to write here, but Missy asked River some questions that he happily answered but were lost in the abyss. So I will let the interview speak for itself.

Μϊşşy ღ Tauяღ Čяσşş (mismystique): *takes out her pen and paper and begins * “”WHAT IS Dux ABOUT?” (describe your specifics how it is a Group, and works for and with in the Family

River Stýx (riverstix) chuckles “What is Dux about…..Hm well we are what you could say are the Guardians, Protectors and Enforcers within our family….or Killjoys hrhr”


River: Now as for how the Dux function…..

M: Yes how they function and who they look to and or help others. and what is your role with them.

River: Alright…allow me a few to elaborate on that. To be a Dux means knowing the Family Guidelines and Rules set forth from within the Liber Scientia (our families rule book) and enforcing the rules/guidelines set forth within that book in a stern yet respectful manner.  For example…family chat An integral part of being Dux is the monitoring of Family chat…this really is a must as it is our most obvious portal into keeping the peace.  Most disagreements, flared tempers and hurt feels begin here; we are human and often times this is something merely based on the limitations of a text based social environment where tone is not available  So we the Dux as peacekeepers from time to time need to alleviate any tension within that form of communication mainly in the form of a gentle reminder in the form of an IM to the parties involved…it’s always important to make sure the tension is taken into an IM which can sometimes be the most difficult part, but that’s where we step in…so no drama ensues from there. (continues…lol it’s long winded I know but I fucking love my job)

River: One of my personal favorites of my position in Dux is Home Security…This is SL and as is the real world people will want to intrude and cause havoc, mischief or flat out harass our family or certain members within our family.As Dux we are to spend some of our time on land…personally I spend all my time on our family lands…I dherish this family and it’s well being and I never take kindly to anyone that wants to intrude on my family.  If something arises and someone is on our family lands running a muck I will of course open up all lines of communication and proceed from there and if it comes to it dish out warnings and bannings from all Legionne Rising lands and/or all Legionne Rising Groups.

River Stýx (riverstix): Another extremely important role the Dux play are as Educators Bloodlines is a complex game within a complex game and often we as lieges often snatch new blood for our ranks from the blood of fresh members to SL itself. What this means is guaranteed to overwhelm. As Dux it is up to us to guide members old and new through the ways and traditions of our family. This can be as simple as helping in family chat to answer questions that will inevitably arise

Most importantly as Dux our duty is to our family, to our sovereigns and to our founders of this family. We are here to help maintain this great family that our founders dedicated themselves to forming. We all as Dux feel pride and honor that we are one of the few trusted with the duties we have been given. And as Dux we always remember that by completing our duties we are ultimately proving our utmost respect to those that have given us this honor.

M: “WHY SHOULD SOMEONE CONSIDER JOINING YOUR GROUP if and when there are openings?” (what makes you special or unique when compared to others? example why you not events etc.. “interesting sounds great if there was a position open Why Should someone Consider joining the Dux compared to another part of the family.?”

River:  The Dux is not for everyone; by any means…it takes someone with a certain personality or at least the trait that you are not the type to give two fucks about what people think of you…I say this because We aren’t here to be everyone’s bff, and we aren’t here to ruin everyone’s day.  But no matter your friend or enemy everyone should be guided and disciplined equally.  And that is extremely important …to treat all as equals and many people have difficulty doing that.  So someone applying would very much need to be comfortable with no matter friend or foe they can lay down the law when necessary. Also I think someone with a keen eye …observant not only of what is physically around them but observant to people’s personalities and behavior for it helps on so many levels in this position if you’re a good read of people.  Another suggestion for someone considering Dux over any other office within the family is their knowledge of Bloodlines and do they have an interest in educating other based on their

M: now the one i think you may find the most simplest or the hardest .. depending on who you are. “WHO ARE YOU?” (give details about how you became part of the group from begin and who are are not to the group .. who else is in it… how long have you been around in LR as a Dux, etc)
(three parter kind of)

River: Who am I?  Well shit…haven’t you heard I’m your local friendly neighborhood asshole hrhr

Alright…but seriously in our Legionne Rising Family I hold position of both a Dux and an Impertore.  Within the Dux I am below our Caput Dux; Kitty Ambrosio.  I don’t share any sort of special position within the Dux itself as far as if I’m to be compared to any of the other members of the Dux aside from the Caput of course.  I believe I’ve been a Dux since around February of this year though I’ve always since day one of the founding of our family I’ve always been observant and protecting of our lands and our family members.  I’m assuming that is what got me nominated to be a Dux though I can’t say for certain.  I myself was actually nominated by our council members themselves so it truly was an honor when I was approaced. As for whom the other members of the Dux are we have: Caput Dux: Kitty Ambrosio and then the Dux: Glow Styx, Sophia Styx, Matt Ambrosio and Asa


River: Hmm…I can only say what I’ve seen the most asked hrhr not so much maybe what they’d want to ask…So top three questions I see most from a new member…hmm nothing too elaborate really, all rather basic Such as where to shop, where to hunt or simply where the fuck do I go from here hrhr

River has always taken his role serious with the Dux. The poor guy has shown up out of nowhere. I laugh that he feels a disturbance in the force. We are very proud to have him on council and appreciate all that he does.


Kitty Ambrosio – Council Member/Caput Dux


I remember early on Kitty joining us when we were with a previous family. She did not have the best start when it came to lieges. After a little back and forth, she was allowed to liege to the leader of the family we used to be in. The leader told her then if you need anything just IM Loki. It made no sense to myself why she wasn’t just given permission to liege to Loki.

That was how we inherited Kitty. It was obvious though Kitty new a lot. I believe, though she never said it, that she had to learn on her own a bit in the beginning. In a way, I wish that Loki was around to write this piece. In the beginning, he spent much more time getting to know Kitty than I did. I have gotten to know her though and like the rest of the family love her dearly.

I am quite proud of her. I watched her go through a lot with lieges and watched her hurt by a guy, but Kitty has always pulled out and climbed back on top. When we went to FO, a family we were in temporarily, Kitty was very verbal about her unhappiness there as were so many. She supported us with setting up a new family, writing rules, proofreading. When the time came to leave and go out on our own, Kitty was ready and followed the rest of the family without ever looking back.

She was quickly made the Caput Dux. She had experience with the type of work the Dux did, and Kitty has always proved to be a hardworker. She took on that role and she has done a great job with it. Like Loki and Feb she has had computer and net issues so was kind of out of pocket for a while. It is noticed though that she is gone.

I would say like everyone else on council one thing that stands out about Kitty is her loyalty and hardwork. I am not sure who adopted who, but I am very proud to call her daughter.

Febby, Council and Caput Dux


So this little lady, i am not sure where to start with. I thought and thought. So I have a little story to explain the type of friend she is. Now during this story please keep in mind that she lives hundreds of miles away.

I messaged Feb because I had decided it was time to get myself some mesh boobs, and hers always looked nice so this was a good place to start. I had no clue on it. I did not know if i had to just wear special clothes or if i had to buy special bras or appliers. So I as Feb if i had to buy special bras like did they come in different sizes. This went on and on for some time about me asking about bras. So finally she says to me “Jeebus, Primmers, am I going to have to come out there and take you bra shopping.” It occurred to me then that we were on different pages. I was like “I mean lolas.” We had a good laugh but she was talking about taking me bra shopping cause she thought her poor sister was lost. lolol.

Feb and myself hit it off pretty much immediately when we started out another family with the same liege. She, Suzie, and myself sisters. Febby took some time off of secondlife and during that time we left that family and went on another venture. The day that Feb came back I filled her in on everything that had occurred and all that had happened. She lieged and was back with us and it was a short time later that she was planning parties in an ambassador roll. She was always dependable and her parties beautifully done.


Then once again things changed for us and here we are running off to start Legionne Rising. Febby worked hard immediately on the land. She would spend hours on the sim and putting the castle together and decorating. She would talk about rules with us to help write and plan. I think there were many nights if she slept it was very little. She put a lot of heart and time into getting a home ready for our family.

I have seen so many sides of her. I have seen her perky and happy, down, protective, angry, fierce, loyal. Above them all, Feb is loyal to friends and family. She will stand with you as long as you are honest. She and I have bumped heads before. We both say our piece. We say sorry and love you and things are back to normal. She is fiercely protective of our family. She will tell you exactly what she thinks. She will give you her opinion wether you want to hear it or not, but you dont’ have to wonder wear you stand.

She is dedicated and works hard for our family and holds many roles. She is one of the owners of hellter skellter. She is a co-founder of Legionne Rising and council member. She is also the Caput Legate. This means she is the Captain of our Legate team. Right now our legates also include Stone and Sle. We are proud of our Febby and all her hard work.


Loki, A Sovereign Story


I have known Loki since he was a noob. Now if you ask himhe was never a noob. He came right into Secondlife being all cool and stuff. Laughs. But as you can see above, this is not the case. He and I both were a little bit noob. I met Loki right at the beginning of his secondlife.

The first real conversation we had was because he blocked me from his friends list. After that though, he quickly became my best friend. I watched as he early on in his Bloodlines time was given a position of royal guard at our first bloodlines family. I watched him being dedicated to his job to the point I would often find his avi on the sim but no one was home. He fell asleep logged in standing in the middle of nowhere more often than he will ever admit.

A walk in the woods

When we left that first family, on a new journey we left there. It was my time here that I watched Loki grow in Bloodlies. Now, I am not just saying this because it was around the same time I was falling head over heels for the man. I watched how dedicated he was to helping people. I watched him learn about bloodlines and everything it had to offer. Anytime something new was added to the game, he was the first one studying it and figuring out what it meant. People could IM him anytime night or day and if he was awake, Loki was there.When people started noticing the feels I had, well, it was not well received. I dont’ know if people did not see what I saw. I will say now that he has proved them wrong. He and I have been together through so much and I could not imagine secondlife without him in it at this point.

When things changed at our last family, it hit some of us really hard. I know that Loki, myself, Febby, Kitty, River, Stone, Zed, Matt there were so many that had the same issues we did. It was then Legionne Rising began to form and grow. We had a dream of a family where soul count did not matter, what page of bloodlines you were on did not matter, where child avis were welcome. We dreamed of a family of close people that had fun together, were loyal to each other.

Lycan Protector

I don’t think it was really his idea to take us all and start a new family. I think it was me that put that in his ear. I had seen him defend us almost to the point of being thrown out. It felt like a natural choice, but we were all comfortable with it. Loki has never been the type to try to act like he is above anyone. He has never been afraid to do the work that needs to be done, and he is not afraid to speak his mind. Like most of us. I think this is why this council works well together. None of us are afraid to do the work and we work well together.

In the past nine months, none of us have regretted where we are. We have grown slowly, but we have all stayed true and loyal to each other. We have a family. That was what we all wanted. We wanted a family of loyal people. This is not a clan, horde, or guild. This is a famiy. Our family. Your family. We are all family no matter of soul counts or ranks.


A message from Loki despite not having net:  This bloodlines family I’ve seen growing from next to nothing and amazed seeing people from all walks of life and back grounds get together and build such an amazing and strong community and surpass all challenges together and makes me happy that your all apart of this and hope to see it grow ever stronger

Who is Who is Who?


Credit for this photo goes to Matt Storm.

Recently we have had a lot of new family coming in, and I (Primmy) have been a total slacker on the newsletter. Let’s just say I have been quite busy. I want to start a series on getting to know everyone in the family. But I would also like to start with Sovereigns, Council, Dux, and Legates (as these are people that do a lot of work for our family). I will take time to write a little about them and get a little note from them on what the family means to them. Then I will move on to focus on every member of the family. Each person have a small piece written on them. During this time though I will also be doing some writing on clan laws, new things in Bloodlines, and any big announcments.

I am really excited about this and kind of hope it gets me motivated to start working on the newsletter again. So look for a piece to be written in the next day or two on Loki. His net has been out so this is the perfect opportunity for me to pick on him and not suffer any of his wrath. Lolol.


Turnings In June .. Interview with Matt Ambrosio

Matt interview 1 Matt interview 2

Turnings –

With in the month of June we had three turnings those
included aphroditesapphira ,and dutchess2016 as well as Mattberry aka Matt Ambrosio.  As my first piece in our family blog I have decided to Interview Matt on what turning meant to him why he choose the Vampire over the lycan and
much more. In the next coming blogs we may touch
more with others as why they turned and chose what
they are as well to help us gain more insight and a
better understanding for our humans to understand for
some it is because they have always wanted to play
the fantasy, for some it may be due to how they dress,
doing it for another and or the bigger picture or close
to nature and or the darkness.

We begin beautiful blue skied day sitting in the castle garden sipping on coffee. I knew was Matt was turned 6-4-15 so my questions begin.

1. Was there a reason for That particular day this day ment
something to him which was the date that marked first
year since Tempest, The love of his Life joined SL. Matt
had thought about a few different dates prior to this
one but really, it couldn’t be at any other time.. it had
to be then. Reason was it was for them, with the
understanding he does speak about her a lot and it
maybe to much for some but he makes no apologies
regarding this. However with him saying we both
agreed not to go to far into that and stay focused on
the topic.

2. Why did he choose Vampire – He states its a little hard
to explain as you see him fidget a little but stays
focused quoting “it was the next stage in becoming
closer to my family and I have to add here that this
family of mine… ours, is very important to me. ”
He will be come Hybrid one day for reasons that are
close to his heart His love for Tempest who was Hybrid
and their daughter Raegan who is lycan.

Matts Daughter he refers to, (who is Lycan From her moms Hybrid side. )

Matts Daughter he refers to, (who is Lycan From her moms Hybrid side. )

Matt embraces his Vampire nature he does feed, he
mentioned his form of feeding consist from a tank ..
and reasons for this are personal but eventually he
will obtain an amulet.

My final Question for him which is what many would
like to also know I felt it was important for our readers
Since your turning has your life changed in any ways in
results from no longer being human?
His answer was different then most as he tried to
explain “Well, thats a difficult one to answer as this
isn’t my first time. In a way it hasn’t completely sunk
in yet. I need to clarify, this isn’t the first time I have
been a Vampire as Matt but the reasons why I became
human again are not important. Also, you know that I
also have another account which was my first and on
that account I am actually Hybrid.”

Please note as well during his time being Vamp he has
not only been continuing his work with the club djing
managing but he now is also one of our Dux and his
roles there include being more active in family
togetherness he will be running classes relating to SL
photography in the very near future, which is to
provide some tips and tricks on how to take a half
decent picture but making it as fun as possible. His life
has changed Matt now focus on completing
achievements for myself and being more involved with
family commitments.

Matt Thank you for taking the time for this interview
and being my first blog look forward to more updates I
may check in with you regarding Photography classes
or haunts even when explaining how to focus on

Photo of Matt and Reagan is done my Matt Ambrosio (Mattberry)

Photo of Matt and Matt and Missy was taken by Missy Taur Cross (MisMystique)

❥ Fearless Thoughts



Finnaly Foxes Mainstore openend her doors. And for the VIPS it openend earlier then the normal opening Thank God! Im so happy i joined that VIP group a year ago that i had early acces. First thing I saw was it’s not gonna dissapoint you. The Birdy Collective really did a amazing job on them 3 stores. Love all of it! I wanted this aviator jacket so bad that I had to get it. So this post is really a big schoutout to Foxes and the Birdy Collective.

❥ Body – Belleza Mesh Venus Body
❥ Shape – Own Creation
❥ Eyes – IKON Charm Eyes Ghost
❥ Hands – Belleza Mesh Venus Body Hands
❥ Mouth – Nyam Nyam Lips
❥ Lashes – MC “Falsies” Eyelash

❥ Hair – Magika Sudden Blonds
❥ Jacket – Foxes Aviator Jacket Black
❥ Shirt – Foxes Aviator Jacket shirt
❥ Shorts – Blueberry Belted Denim Shorts…

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